Guangdong Lianjiang Hotel Digital Immersive Ballroom project

Project introduction: LCF successfully created a digital immersive banquet hall for Guangdong Lianjiang Hotel, which was highly recognized by the client. The panoramic immersive column-free design is combined with the hotel's super-large space, magnificent dynamic picture, three-dimensional circular screen image display, special sound amplification system, and the huge sight and touch fusion screen across the lobby... Lianchengfa combines light and shadow technology with digital technology to integrate real scene and sound, presenting an immersive extreme sensory experience, and comprehensively upgrading the audio-visual experience. Beautiful and gorgeous multi-theme scene interaction, mysterious undersea world, dreamy and quiet midsummer stars, different scenes of four seasons... Presents a real immersive surround effect, so that every guest who comes to the scene is placed in the 3D scene, to achieve the sense of super-on-site substitution, the perfect combination of virtual and reality.

Product model: P3

Project area: 100 square meters

Location: Guangdong

Project time: March 2021




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