2012 European Cup Full Color LED Display Project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa's full-color LED display was unveiled at the 2012 European Cup. As a leading LED display company, Lianchengfa has successfully become the LED display supplier for the European Cup in 2012 with its strong independent R&D and innovation capabilities and high-quality integrated solutions. The 2012 European Football Championship is the third time that the two countries co-organized after the 2000 European Football Championship. There are 16 teams in the finals of this tournament. Except for the host countries Poland and Ukraine, the rest of the teams have passed the European Championship qualifiers. On June 8, 2012, the 14th European Championship kicked off at the Warsaw National Arena. On July 1, the Italian team and the Spanish team faced off in Kiev. In the end, the world champion Spain defeated the Italian team 4-0. Tie Germany's record of three championships, and became the first team to win the European Cup and the first team to win three consecutive championships. Lianchengfa LED stadium screen includes three parts: live content, game time, local time and scoring control system, plus a stadium display, a circular LED display suspended in the stadium, and an advertising display standing around the stadium. It can make the audience feel the shocking effect of the screen, giving you a different visual experience and enjoyment. It can not only broadcast live video of various sports games, but also can be widely used in other games except football and basketball games.

Product model: P10

Project area: 300 square meters

Project location: Ukraine

Project time: June 2012




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