Outdoor P5 full-color LED display project of Wushan County Sports Center

Project Description: Lianchengfa's outdoor P5 full-color LED display project is located at Wushan County Sports Center. With a total building area of 11,764 square meters, the Wushan County Sports Center is divided into two parts: the Main Hall and the Sub Hall, which can accommodate 2 basketball courts, 3 volleyball courts, 6 martial arts training fields, 8 badminton courts, 15 table tennis courts, 80 international standard booths, to meet the requirements for gymnastic performance and accommodating up to 3,000 viewers for matches, thus becoming a complete and well-equipped sports development platform. Lianchengfa's LED displays, with its high precision, ultra-lightweight and high-efficiency heat dissipation characteristics, together with the advantages of system backups and flexible installation and maintenance, provides a guarantee for the stable operation and convenient maintenance of the large screen at the sports center.

Product model: P5

Project area: 30 square meters

Venue: Wushan Sports Center

Project time: April 2020




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