Outdoor P5 full-color LED display project of Wushan County Sports Center

Project Description: LCF outdoor P5 full-color LED display Project Wushan County Sports Center. WuShan County stadium always covers an area of 20 mu, building area of 11764 square meters, the whole structure points mainly vice pavilion pavilion and two parts, can put two basketball courts, volleyball court, three six martial arts training, eight badminton hall, 15 table tennis field, 80 international standard booths, can meet the requirements of gymnastics show and accommodate 3000 spectators watching. It is a platform with complete functions and facilities for the development of sports undertakings. Lianchengfa LED display has the characteristics of high precision, ultra-thin and efficient heat dissipation, and with the advantages of system backup and flexible installation and maintenance, it provides guarantee for the stable operation and convenient maintenance of the large screen in the stadium.

Product model: P5

Project area: 30 square meters

Venue: Wushan Sports Center

Project time: April 2020




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