Tasmania Stadium full color LED fence display project

Project introduction: LCF P10 full-color LED display was displayed at Tasmania Stadium in Australia. According to the actual circumstance of the stadium,LCF decided to use the high quality imported led chip for this perimeter display, high precision and high quality PCB circuit board, fire damp PC plastic mask, lightweight enclosure structure, accord with IP65 protection standards, manufacturing process superb, that lian cheng send LED display withstand local high temperature corrosion and island sea wind environment test. The unique soft mask and soft cushion design process, even if touched, can still protect the safety of personnel. It has a full set of professional playing system for the course, supports diversified input of camera video sources, supports 4K/8K HD live broadcast, and easily realizes the theater-level HD live broadcast effect.

Product Model: P10

Project area: 200 square meters

Location: Tasmania Stadium, Australia

Time: September 2019




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