Albania Elbasan Stadium LED Perimeter Screen Project

Project introduction: LCF P12 outdoor LED court fence screen was displayed in Albania Elbasan Stadium. Elbasan is located in central Albania on the right bank of the Shkumbini River. It is the capital of the Elbasan district and one of the largest cities in the country. It is also a transportation hub in central Albania and a distribution center for industrial, agricultural and forestry products. The project adopts several P12LED panels with a total area of 220 square meters, which are arranged at the side of the court. Customized aluminum box, IP65 protection grade, can be quickly disassembled and assembled, arbitrary splicing. Considering the impact during football matches, the product adopts the design of stiffening plate fixation and soft mask, which is tensile and shockproof and has a longer life.

Product model: P12

Project area: 200 square meters

Location: Albania

Project Time: June 2016




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