2012 World Cup Futsal LED Stadium Fence Screen Project

Project introduction: The LED fence screen of Liancheng Stadium was unveiled in the West Asia region of the 2012 World Cup Futsal. Lianchengfa is the LED display supplier for the 2012 World Cup Futsal. Lianchengfa equipped the stadium with a 173-square-meter P16-LED fence screen, which was installed on the periphery of the stadium and surrounds the entire stadium. Provide information display services for the World Cup. Liancheng Stadium LED fence screen products have the advantages of easy installation, easy operation, and easy maintenance in structure. In terms of function and performance, they show high brightness, gorgeous colors, wide color gamut, high refresh rate, high display consistency and The characteristics and advantages of low power consumption and energy saving have reached the core application of LED display in stadiums. In particular, the point-by-point correction technology, closed-loop precision voltage drive energy-saving technology and higher refresh frequency make the image of the LED display screen maintain high consistency and accurate color gamut restoration, which is quite stable in the TV broadcast picture. The stadium fence screen in the West Asia area of the World Cup Futsal Football Game uses a unique soft mask and soft protection pad design process. The LED display cover uses durable and reinforced materials, and the cover shell uses flexible materials and round edges, making the LED fence screen It is sturdy and durable, stable and safe, even if it is touched, it can still protect the safety of personnel. Lianchengfa LED stadium screen also has a full set of professional stadium playback system, supports diversified input of camera video sources, supports 4K/8K high-definition live broadcast, and easily achieves cinema-level high-definition live broadcast effects.

Product model: P16

Project area: 173 square meters

Project location: Thailand

Project time: April 2012




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