Italian sports event outdoor full-color LED display project

Project introduction: LCF P20 outdoor full-color LED display was displayed in The Italian stadium. Italy is a sports power, the development of a wide range of sports, domestic also has a variety of stadiums, sports is a romantic country. Lian cheng hair has always been committed to provide high-end competition in the global leading and professional LED light show solutions, for clients to sports venues and wisdom venues provide overall custom operating solution, perfect fusion LED display display control scheme + + av, lighting design and control, involving various types of sports, and can provide a different solution for different sports scene. Lian cheng light indoor venues, the explicit solution, integrate the match time scoring system, subtitles, live score system, etc., to help finish information display, multimedia information display, live, superposition of the score, slow motion replay, fans several functions such as interactive experience, improve service quality, make the every audience can see the game in every detail, Bring an incomparable visual feast to the audience. Lianchengfa outdoor venue light display solution integrates professional lighting + venue lighting + display information release + centralized control system to provide the overall light display solution for the stadium.

Product Model: P20

Project area: 90 square meters

Location: Italy

Project Time: July 2017




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