Creative LED Bar Screen Project in Seoul, South Korea

Project introduction: Lianchengfa creative LED strip display was unveiled in Seoul, South Korea. With the development of science and technology, various creative displays such as LED strip screens appear in our lives, creating colorful display systems with different shapes for the world. Due to its diverse size, clear display, and rich functions, the use range of the bar screen is expanding day by day. The Lianchengfa bar screen is combined with the information release system to support functions such as split-screen playback and time-sharing playback. Lianchengfa's creative LED strip screen has a unique design, giving people a stronger spatial visual experience, more attractive, and instantaneously enhancing commercial value. The creative strip display uses seamless splicing technology to make the entire screen look smoother and clearer.

Product model: P5

Screen area: 25 square

Project location: Seoul, South Korea

Project time: January 2021




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