Creative LED Bar Screen Project in Seoul, South Korea

Project introduction: Recently, the innovative LED Strip Display crafted by LCF made its grand debut in Seoul, South Korea. With continuous technological advancements, creative displays such as LED Strip Screens have gradually become more prevalent in our lives, creating vibrant display systems of various shapes to mesmerize the world. Due to its versatile size, clear visuals, and extensive functions, its usage is rapidly expanding every day. The LCF Strip Screen is enhanced by an Information Release System which supports features such as split-screen playback and time-sharing playback. LCF's creative LED Strip Display boasts an iconic design, offering viewers a superior spatial visual experience, making it more engaging and infinitely elevating its commercial value. Through seamless splicing technology, this creative Strip Display provides a much smoother and clearer display. It is also highly versatile and can be applied to high-end Shopping Malls, important Exhibition Sites, and Press Conferences.

Product model: P5

Screen area: 25 square

Project location: Seoul, South Korea

Project time: January 2021




Relevant Cases