Lianchengfa LED display assists the opening ceremony of the Central American and Caribbean Games

Project introduction: Lianchengfa P4.81 LED display assisted the opening ceremony of the Central American and Caribbean Games. Barranquilla, Colombia, the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games opened. This is a comprehensive sports event in Central America and the Caribbean. It is held every four years and is the oldest independent continent event in existence. This is also after the Olympic Games, European Cup, World Cup and other sports events, Lianchengfa once again provides services for large-scale international sports events! The colorful fireworks "light up" the night sky, shining brightly and magnificently. Ten thousand people looked up, fascinated by the fantastic lights and fireworks on the scene. This was the scene of the opening ceremony of the Central American and Caribbean Games, and the Lianchengfa stage rental screen was fortunate to witness this grand event. The splendid lighting and choreography make people overwhelmed. Lianchengfa LED display P4.81 is selected for the stage background, which has outstanding display effect. Even under the shooting of a professional camera, the screen can still maintain no shaking and no stroboscopic lines, presenting a high-definition and delicate picture. The total area of the display screen is more than 200 square meters. Through combined scene display, scene performance, live broadcast and other forms of expression, a magnificent and shocking performance atmosphere is created. In different scene changes, people can understand the vitality and culture of Barranquilla. Give the audience a rich visual experience.

Product model: P4.81

Project area: 200 square meters

Project location: Colombia

Project time: July 2018




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