Thai Kindergarten indoor full-color LED display project

Project introduction: LCF Indoor Full Color LED Display Screen debuted in Thailand Kindergarten. Adopting the most advanced LED display technology, information integration technology and video broadcast control technology, LCF big screen is characterized by high brightness, long service life and super wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, capable of playing VCR, various kinds of videos (VCD, DVD, LD, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB) and other video files to meet the basic requirements of literary and sports activities, with clear and flicker-free real-time display video images for live broadcast of various programs. It can also display various computer information, graphics, pictures and 2D/3D animations in a variety of play modes, while displaying scrolling information, notices, slogans and other messages in large data storage capacity. The indoor full color LED display screen is equipped with a network interface that can be connected to the computer, enabling simultaneous broadcast of network information and realizing network control. According to customers' requirements, multiple screens in different locations can be centrally controlled by adopting "VPM+ broadband" for remote control.

Product model: P5

Display area: 80 square meters

Location: Thailand

Project time: November 2020




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