Jiangxi Shanggao Arc slide track indoor full-color LED display project

Project introduction: LCF Curved Rail System debuted in Shanggao, Jiangxi. LCF Rail Screen System combines track with its independently developed LED display screen to achieve automatic continuous perspective or time node video picture call-up and play function on static targets, which is a high-tech automated interactive technology integrating automation control with virtual reality. The dynamic display of LCF Rail Screen Solution breaks away from the shackles of traditional electronic exhibition items, requiring no personnel to read cumbersome texts or repeat explanations by explainers. After the rail screen system is started, the LED display screen starts running automatically according to the set instructions, truly realizing automation control, with nodes being arbitrarily set to call out the resource content needing to be displayed, making the whole exhibition hall more vivid and random. Exhibition items can also be upgraded and customized according to customers' requirements, making the displayed information more comprehensive and interactive.

Product model: P2.5

Application area: 33 square meters

Location: Jiangxi province

Project time: March 2021




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