Shenzhen Shatau Junlin Sea Indoor full-color LED display Project

Project introduction: LCF P2 indoor full-color LED display screen appeared in Junling Sea area, Sha Tau Kok. Junling sea area is located in the east of Minsk aircraft carrier, at the intersection of Haijing Second Road and Haishan Street in Yantian District. In the south, there is a sea view of Dapeng Bay without any shelter, 19.5km coastal boardwalk, and wutong Mountain view in the north. It is a complex of business apartments, large planes, villas and five-star hotels. As the first Dubai sailing building in Shenzhen, The design and layout of Junlin Sea takes full account of cultural factors, integrating the theme of the sea into the landscape and echoing the surrounding mountains and sea resources. Therefore, in the installation of LED display, but also fully consider the coordination with the environment, and strive to achieve practical and beautiful consistency. Lianchengfa P2 full-color LED display has the characteristics of HD display, high gray scale, high refresh frequency, seamless stitching, convenient disassembly and flexible, etc. From the perspective of the pictures taken on site, even when viewed at a relatively close distance, the display picture is super clear, without flicker or granular sense. The edge design is used to protect the "screen surface" at the same time, it also has a strong decorative, high strength metal material, effectively prevent oxidation and discoloration, and the surrounding layout in harmony. "Bring your own aura" is the innate charm of LED display screen. The empty and monotonous wall with LIANchengfa display P2 not only endods the wall with natural vitality, but also inadvertently encourages people to have new interactions with their surroundings. Because of its proximity to the sea, the people who took over the project also worked hard to prevent moisture. The selection of materials are high-end configuration, the use of THE STAR package SMD1515 lamp bead, make the whole screen flat as mirror, uniform light, super air tightness, fully ensure its "moisture-proof" and "anti-yellow ability". MBI5153 Super dense screen exclusive LED driver chip perfectly solves the cross phenomenon caused by the conventional display gradual dark line and LED bad spots. Excellent structure design, good independent heat dissipation effect, no fan operation, electricity saving mode to create a quiet working environment. The international leading point-to-point correction technology and the principle of LED luminescence are adopted to completely retain the authenticity of color and avoid color loss and deviation caused by other display technologies such as backlight projection material and light running path, so as to achieve a true sense of color reproduction and let the audience enjoy extraordinary visual experience.

Product Model: P2

Project area: 30 square meters

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Project Time: December 2017




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