LCF customized shaped LED screen entered into OPPO India headquarters

Project introduction: LCF P2.5 special-shaped screen appeared in OPPO India headquarters. The love of beauty, everyone has! "Leading the technological aesthetics of mobile phones and meeting the needs of users for fashion", this is what OPPO, the top five domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the world, has been doing. Similarly, in OPPO's Indian headquarters, this need is put to the extreme. Entering OPPO India headquarters, a built-in LED display screen is very eye-catching. The whole screen is fashionable and stylish. The screen is integrated with the wall, with high definition and exquisite, and the display effect is excellent. This display screen Outlines a unique shape according to the reserved space on the wall, with simple and generous, quality as the keynote, the perfect integration of practical and aesthetic feeling, so that the "beautiful" element through it, a wide visual sense of beauty, strengthen and enhance the identity of the space. In addition, lian Cheng FA LED display P2.5 also has the characteristics of uniform gray display and good consistency under low brightness, and it can still achieve perfect gray performance when the overall brightness drops to 20%. High quality plastic kit, not easy to stretch deformation, effectively ensure the flatness and consistency of the whole screen. There is no doubt that the unique "science and technology aesthetics" visual experience area created by THE special screen P2.5 combined with the overall design of OPPO India headquarters will leave a deep impression on every visitor.

Product Model: P2

Project area: 20 square meters

Location: Gurgaon, India

Project Time: November 2017




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