Lan Jiang Innovation P2 indoor full-color LED display project

Project introduction: LCF P2 indoor full-color LED display was displayed in Blujiang Innovation. With the outbreak of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry, open an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has become a new trend of current security intelligence industry application, at present, the xinjiang drones in the consumer market, and the applications in the industry, constructing innovative r&d industry level of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in disaster relief, agricultural, public security, fire control and other fields has been more and more applications. As a strategic partner of DJI, BluJIANG Innovation is also expanding the broad market of air-to-ground integrated UAV industry application. This time, Blue Border innovation introduced the united Chengfa LED display, used to better understand the new trend of intelligent security. High-end fields need the matching of high-end products. Considering that this screen carries a lot of functional requirements, Blujiang Innovation made a rigorous selection of the manufacturers responsible for the LED full-color display and finally chose Lianchengfa for cooperation. Lianchengfa small spacing LED display HD2.0 is a high-end product of the industry. The advantages of intuitive hd seamless stitching display effect, high stability technology, high-precision stitching control and other advantages provide a strong guarantee for The south Xinjiang Innovation to carry out various information publicity and technology transmission work. Professional construction and installation technology, to ensure the vertical and horizontal accuracy of the whole screen, so as to avoid the phenomenon of high and low tilt screen body; Before the maintenance design, a good solution to the problem of insufficient reserved space screen; Quick unplug aviation plug, easy to realize signal and power supply nanosecond level connection; Soft screen presentation, close viewing can still give the audience a good visual sense. The successful lighting of Lianchengfa small-spacing LED display in Southern Xinjiang innovation is the first time that Lianchengfa LED display involves in the field of UAV, witnessing more possibilities of the expansion of Lianchengfa small-spacing LED display in the field of security and defense!

Product Model: P2

Project area: 10 square meters

Project location: Xinjiang

Project Time: November 2017




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