Fuyong Tongtai Times Square Full-color Double-sided LED Screen and Cylindrical Screen Project

Project introduction: LCF P2.5 indoor full-color LED screen and P4 creative cylindrical screen were displayed in Shenzhen Fuyong Tongtai Times Square. June 3, Fuyong Tongtai Times Square grand opening, the scene of guests, loud music. Lian Chengfa was invited to attend the grand ceremony and witnessed the grand event together with many guests. It is reported that Tongtai Times Square with the theme of "tide · Yue More than", the target customer group positioning as the pursuit of fashion, quality life of 80-90-00 post-generation and family groups, aimed at consumers to bring a steady stream of fashion elements and pleasant life experience, leading the new urban life. Therefore, the overall space design of Tongtai Square is simple and generous, quality and leisure as the keynote, and the material design of light and shadow as the design element, strengthen the sense of space. At the same time, combined with lianchengfa LED display screen, to create a unique visual experience area, will leave a deep impression on every customer. This lianchengfa P2.5LED full-color double-sided screen, adopts double-sided poster structure, screen width 1.92m, height 5.76m, bottom 12m from the ground, the screen body adopts one cabinet design scheme, the color brightness uniformity of the whole screen tends to be extreme, ultra-wide visual Angle screen, excellent visual effect, no matter which floor the customer is located in, can play a certain eyeball effect. At the same time, the intelligent module level CPU integration technology can monitor the working status of the display screen in real time, support a variety of control schemes to switch, to provide a guarantee for the stable operation of the screen.

The P4LED cylindrical screen located in the hall, with a total area of 26.86 square meters, ADAPTS to the lighting conditions in the mall, with exquisite and rich colors, as if the real scenery is flowing in general, and the display effect is amazing. Semi-soft module, splicing smooth, deformation resistance, high-quality mask design, dustproof and waterproof, box surface bright gold material, high-end atmosphere, convenient installation and stability, convenient debugging. 360 degrees no dead Angle viewing Angle, effectively expand the visual space, all-round synchronous display, completely eliminate the blind area of viewing, not only can look around from multiple angles, and also can achieve the effect of LED large screen display, let the audience enjoy extraordinary visual experience.

Product model: P2.5, P4

Project area: 36 square meters

Project location: Baoan, Shenzhen

Project Time: June 2017




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