Guizhou Tianceli Culture Media LED display Project

Project introduction: LCF P4 indoor creative arc screen and flat screen appeared at the performance of Guizhou Tianceli Culture and Media Company. For on-stage cultural performances, the curved main screen and the stage screen play dazzling stage effects. In addition, the seven surround screens can not only synchronize the main screen content, but also display other related content separately. This time, P4 full color ultra clear LED large screen is used to play beautiful and delicate pictures with rich and colorful colors. The nine LED screens can easily realize the interaction between the stage and the stage, the interaction between the field and the field, and the separate coordination of each area, creating a new mode of cultural entertainment, allowing the audience to enjoy an extraordinary visual feast.

Product Model: P10

Project area: 105 square meters

Project location: Guiyang, Guizhou

Project Time: June 2015




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