Lujiang Building Materials Market Curved LED Display Project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa's P8 outdoor curved full-color LED display was unveiled at Lujiang Building Materials Market. Different flat-panel LED displays, whether installed indoors or outdoors, have strong expressiveness and aesthetic aesthetics, which enhance the sense of science and technology of the building, and are highly attractive, and are deeply loved by users. Lianchengfa curved LED display whether indoor or outdoor, the installation of LED curved display that fits the outline of the building can effectively reduce space waste and also reduce installation costs; LED curved display is different from square display, with Better visual effects, whether the audience is standing in the center, or on the left or right, the display screen will not be distorted from different angles, and the display will be continuous high-definition; the curved LED screen can realize the uniform surface change of the display screen without dragging and The black screen realizes a smooth display surface; it can also be customized according to customer needs, which improves the light/dark line problem of the traditional straight-faced angled arc product and the problem of inconsistent light output when viewed from the side. Lianchengfa's LED curved display breaks through the traditional display design theory and installation method, allowing the display to be installed freely in different curtain wall environments, and also meets the personalized viewing experience of different audiences. At present, it has been widely used in conference halls, large shopping malls, sales offices, TV stations, hotels, exhibition halls, etc.

Product model: P8

Project area: 147 square meters

Project location: Hefei, Anhui

Project time: August 2018




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