Lianchengfa's outdoor full-color LED display enters Kladovo, Serbia

Project introduction: Lianchengfa P8 outdoor full-color LED display was unveiled in Kladovo, Serbia. Serbia is a place with unique history and culture. The beautiful Danube passes through it. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent natural beauty while feeling the perfect combination of nature and local culture and the largest canyon scenery in Europe. At the end of February 2018, a blast of cold air moved from the northern part of Siberia to the southwest, bringing unexpected severe cold to Europe. This "beast from the east" caused many parts of Europe to drop to minus 20 degrees overnight. The extremely cold weather swept through Serbia. In the deadly low temperature, the whole territory was baptized by heavy snow and biting ice storms. The Lianchengfa LED display installed in Kladovo successfully withstood the test and got High praise from customers.

In the white snow, the sky and the earth are the same color, and the plain makeup is elegant. When the large LED screen of Lianchengfa lights up, the red light and shadow flicker with warmth and harmony. Presumably, even if you return home on a snowy night, you can feel the care of the midwinter.

The outdoor LED display project adopts a brand-new mask design, which makes the light emitted by the LED almost achieve zero reflection, ensuring the display effect of the screen; IP65 waterproof and dustproof capabilities, and the steel structure welding is in accordance with GB/T 19867.1 -The 2005 process standard was implemented, along with deep excavation of the foundation, and high-grade concrete backfilling, allowing it to stand upright in this blizzard, unscathed, with moving brilliance and consistent quality.

Product model: P8

Project area: 80 square meters

Project location: Kladovo, Serbia

Project time: February 2018                 




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