Changde Hanshou Jinshan International Marketing Center Outdoor LED Screen Project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa P6 outdoor full-color LED display was unveiled at Changde Hanshou Jinshan International Marketing Center. In Hanshou in November 2017, the bleak outdoor scene began to highlight, and the cold buildings began to deepen the label of winter. At this time, the Lianchengfa outdoor full-color LED display located in the Changde Hanshou Jinshan International Marketing Center, With excellent imaging effects, high compatibility and high stability, it successfully passed the acceptance and began to be put into use.

Rooted in Hanshou's cultural foundation, Jinshan International New City, which is close to the pulse of the new era, brings together the flow of people, logistics, capital and information, and integrates global resources with the forward-looking thinking of leading the city, fully surpassing the expectations of the city, and has become without any suspense. The first home of Hanshou's quality life. In addition to the rational allocation of resources, Hanshou Jinshan International's success is also due to its persistence in the concept of landscape construction for many years, not to maximize temporary benefits, sacrifice a lot of construction land, and effectively extend community greening and landscape vision. This point coincides with Lianchengfa's corporate values.

In contemporary economic life, large outdoor LED display screens have been well known by people, and are commonly used in advertising, traffic information, and cultural communication. In large and medium-sized cities around the world, all kinds of outdoor LED large screens fill every corner of the city center, and even become a highlight of the city center. The outdoor LED display designed by Lianchengfa for Jinshan International uses a silver-gray waterproof edging design, which matches the background color of the table column properly, and the overall vision is highly coordinated and magnificent. High-performance waterproof and dustproof capabilities above IP65, all-weather display, adapt to various harsh outdoor environments; adjustable advertising screens can be changed at any time according to customer needs, support for inserting the latest content at any time; 160° ultra-wide viewing angle, more The azimuth viewing effect is always the same; up to 16384 gray levels, high-definition video display, the picture is magnificent, super visual, and colorful. It has a strong impact and shock, giving people an eye-catching, rich and excellent visual experience. Jinshan International in winter also has more warmth and warmth.

Product model: P6

Project area: 30 square meters

Project location: Changde, Hunan

Project time: November 2017




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