Lianchengfa LED display enters Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Project introduction: Lianchengfa P3.91 outdoor full-color LED display was unveiled at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. As early as when human beings had not produced language, they already knew how to express their meanings and feelings by using the height, strength, etc. of the voice, and when this way of expression became organized, it was called music. When it comes to music, one cannot fail to mention the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, which was founded on November 27, 1927 and is China's first independent national higher music institution. The charm of music is obvious to all, and the ways to spread music are more diverse. Recently, the P3.91 outdoor full-color LED display project of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, which was produced by Lianchengfa, has been successfully installed and debugged. The outer frame of the screen is elegant, the entire screen displays clear and colorful, and the picture is stable without ripples or drag during shooting. The phenomenon of shadow, the edge of the image is clear, and the video picture is smooth and smooth. It can bring a new and shocking visual experience to the audience!

A school is an area with a dense flow of people and a concentration of students. Most of the audience of information is students. A good way of information propaganda can help narrow the distance between students and students, students and teachers, and the campus and the outside world. The good publicity effect and fast and convenient information transmission of the LED display screen have many advantages such as rich methods, strong viewing, convenient display content modification, high brightness, stable display and long life, so it has been favored by more and more schools. , Setting up LED displays in schools has also become a trend and trend.

It is reported that the screen focuses on information release, rather than vivid image delivery. However, the unparalleled image quality of Lianchengfa's outdoor LED display can display complex graphics, photos and full-motion video clips, which can make the information released by it more humane. Adjustable brightness design can overcome the harshest lighting conditions. Therefore, the use of Lianchengfa LED display in the Conservatory of Music will further promote the construction of campus culture such as campus activities, announcements, and advertising while enriching the communication channels between students and the public.

Product model: P3.91

Project area: 35 square meters

Project location: Shanghai

Project time: November 2017




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