Guizhou Anshun Management Committee Full color LED display Project

Project introduction: LCF P3 indoor LED display was presented in Guizhou Anshun Management Committee. Anshun, Guizhou province is an excellent tourism city in China and a class A tourism open city in China. In order to further improve the work of government information disclosure, Anshun Management Committee has introduced lianchengfa P3 indoor HD LED display screen to promote the standardized and orderly development of information disclosure. LCF P3 display screen selected this time adopts high-precision display technology and SMD three-in-one process production, with an ultra-high resolution of 111111 points per square meter, which is the highest definition product in the series of indoor full-color LED display products. With high resolution, good color consistency, high contrast, high refresh rate, easy to operate and other advantages, excellent display effect, and undisturbed HD video playback experience, tailored visual sense, so that the audience's desire for content perception is stronger, so that the audience enjoy extraordinary visual experience.

Product model: P3

Project area: 30 square meters

Project location: Anshun, Guizhou

Project Time: September 2017




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