Lanzhou International Trade Center Outdoor Full Color LED Display Project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa P8 outdoor full-color LED display was unveiled at Lanzhou International Trade Center. Lanzhou International Trade Center is mainly composed of five-star Lanzhou Friendship Hotel, Oriental Shopping Center, Lanzhou Enterprise Headquarters Center, mainly office buildings, commercial and residential areas, and underground Jianlan Farmers Market. Lanzhou International Trade Center is a complex commercial real estate project with the largest scale, the highest grade, the most complete format, excellent ecological environment, and complete functions in Lanzhou. It integrates retail, catering, hotel, entertainment, finance, business, residential, cultural and leisure elements. As an integrated urban complex. The Lianchengfa P8 outdoor full-color LED display used in this project is currently the most accurate outdoor LED display for Lianchengfa. It adopts SMD4040 table lamp and has higher waterproof treatment. Imported high-end materials and high-quality special IC chips are used; the screen has high brightness, high grayscale, high contrast, high protection and high stability; smooth video playback and vivid colors. Liancheng sends P8 outdoor LED displays in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Good performances have been achieved in such projects as Sign Expo, Guangdong Qianjiang Lobster Festival, and Paris, France. Lianchengfa's outdoor LED display has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, and the picture is still clearly visible when viewed from different directions, so that the display content of the large LED screen can cover a wider range and reach more audiences. And the screen brightness of the display screen can be automatically adjusted to achieve the best display effect according to the outdoor weather conditions. Ultra-high protection, with the advantages of rain, high temperature, corrosion, and lightning protection, and the protection level is up to IP65. Support front and rear maintenance, daily maintenance is more convenient. It can bring a new and shocking visual experience to the audience!

Product model: P8

Project area: 100 square meters

Project location: Lanzhou, Gansu

Project time: September 2016




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