Outdoor full-color LED advertising screen project in Banqiao, Taiwan

Project introduction: Lianchengfa P20 outdoor full-color LED display was unveiled in Banqiao, Taiwan. Banqiao District is a district in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is the seat of the New Taipei City Government and the best district in New Taipei City. This project uses Lianchengfa’s P20 outdoor full-color LED display. The new mask design makes the LED light almost non-reflective, ensuring the display effect and color uniformity. It has an IP65 protection level, and it is outdoor waterproof and dustproof. strong ability. This product is one of Liancheng's hot-selling outdoor full-color products. It has been used in Italian sports events, Asia-Pacific golf tournaments, Taipei Main Station and other projects. Lianchengfa's outdoor LED display has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, and the picture is still clearly visible when viewed from different directions, so that the display content of the large LED screen can cover a wider range and reach more audiences. And the screen brightness of the display screen can be automatically adjusted to achieve the best display effect according to the outdoor weather conditions. Ultra-high protection, with the advantages of rain, high temperature, corrosion, and lightning protection, and the protection level is up to IP65. Support front and rear maintenance, daily maintenance is more convenient. It can bring a new and shocking visual experience to the audience!

Product model: P20

Project area: 88 square meters

Project location: Banqiao, Taiwan

Project time: July 2017




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