Shenzhen Shekou Wanggu Curved LED Display Project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa P3 indoor curved LED display was unveiled in Shenzhen Shekou Net Valley. Lianchengfa's indoor arc-shaped full-color LED display project was successfully lit in Shenzhen "Shekou Wanggu" and passed the project acceptance yesterday. "Shekou Internet Valley" is a high-tech and cultural industry Internet and e-commerce industrial base jointly launched by the Nanshan District Government and China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone. It is positioned as "China Internet Southern Headquarters Base and Application Demonstration Base" and "Shenzhen "Strategic emerging industry base with demonstration effect", "Demonstration zone for the successful transformation and upgrading of Chinese traditional industrial zones" and "Nanshan District Government and Shekou Industrial Zone Strategic Cooperation Development Zone". According to the plan, the total output value of "Shekou Net Valley" in 2015 will exceed 30 billion yuan. Lianchengfa LED display is mainly used as the communication window for "Shekou Wanggu" brand image, corporate culture, advertising and other related external promotion information. Lianchengfa's indoor full-color LED display has the characteristics of seamless splicing, ultra-high-definition display, and low power consumption. It is not reflective for indoor applications. It is lightweight and ultra-thin, high in accuracy, small in transportation and use space, quiet and efficient heat dissipation. Using high-brightness LEDs and excellent plastic parts, the viewing angle is large, and the horizontal viewing angle/vertical viewing angle can reach more than 160°. Modular wireless design, the unit board can be directly maintained on the front side, and the quick-release magnetic back cover is easy to install and fast to maintain. Excellent structural design, good independent heat dissipation, fanless operation, and a quiet working environment in power-saving mode. Adopting the internationally leading point-by-point correction technology, using the principle of LED light emission, to completely retain the authenticity of colors, avoid color loss and deviation caused by other display technologies such as backlight projection materials and light running paths, and achieve true color reproduction , Let the audience enjoy an extraordinary visual experience.

Product model: P3

Project area: 35 square meters

Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Project time: August 2015




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