This article understands how to promote the construction of smart light poles in various places!

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Based on traditional lighting functions, smart light poles integrate street lighting control systems, LED information release, Wi-Fi coverage, video surveillance management, real-time environmental monitoring, emergency calls, manhole cover monitoring, and 5G base stations. Smart municipal infrastructure. With the blessing of communication technology, each light pole has become the "nerve terminal" of the smart city, collecting all kinds of information and data into the "city brain", making the city smarter and smarter, and helping to improve the level of urban governance.

Binzhou, Shandong Effectively solves urban governance problems

[Highlights] Smart light poles can be connected to functions such as environmental monitoring and one-key alarm, which truly realizes the integration of multiple poles and one pole with multiple functions, which has changed the situation of "one pole must be erected for one function" in the past, and can effectively save underground pipelines , the space occupied by the vertical poles on the ground, avoid the repeated construction of similar municipal facilities, and effectively improve the urban road landscape.

Since the beginning of this year, Binzhou City, Shandong Province has actively explored the integration and development of smart light poles and 5G construction, promoting the construction of smart light poles in Boxing County and other places, and continuously improving the wisdom of municipal infrastructure. management level.

At present, a pilot project for upgrading street light facilities has been completed in the areas of Xincheng 1st Road, Bocheng 7th Road, and Bocheng 8th Road intersection in Boxing County. The newly installed smart light poles have road signals, vehicle warning signs, pedestrian signs, loudspeakers, and electronic screens. , panoramic camera, sidewalk face recognition camera, high-efficiency energy-saving street lamps and other functions.

At the same time, Boxing County installed 70 smart light poles at 35 intersections such as Xincheng 1st Road and Le'an Street, which have become the beautiful scenery of the city. During the flood control period, Boxing County used cameras to monitor the real situation of the intersection in a timely and clear manner, and arranged for staff to quickly arrive at the stagnant intersection to complete the drainage work, which greatly improved the work efficiency; the one-key alarm device can be used by citizens to call the police in case of emergency; The outdoor radio sound column can play music or notify announcements at any time. The newly installed smart light pole realizes the promotion and application of single light control and automatic alarm system, which can greatly save power resources, improve the safety management level of public lighting, and save maintenance costs.


Xiamen, Fujian Vehicle-road collaboration makes travel more "smart"

[Highlights] The vehicle-road coordination assisted autonomous driving function in the smart light pole is a highlight. The smart camera uses high-definition vision to collect real-time video information to assist in detecting road traffic information, which can effectively reduce the probability of accidents.

5G base stations, cameras, LED displays... In the east waters of Tong'an Ring Road, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, more than 300 smart light poles full of "black technology" are distributed on the coastline. The seemingly ordinary light poles are not only equipped with road lighting, In addition to traffic lights, signs, and road name signs, it is also equipped with real-time video, traffic violation collection equipment, LED display, public Wi-Fi, mobile communication base stations, as well as meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring, manhole cover monitoring, and vehicle-road coordination. 29 functions, such as stagnant water monitoring, landscape flower basket, one-key alarm, mobile phone emergency charging service, etc., have brought great convenience to the public.

According to reports, Xiamen City launched the smart light pole construction project in 2019, and each light pole "turned itself into a smart device with multiple functions", mainly distributed in municipal roads, lakeside reservoirs, health trails, and coastal romance in the east coast. Road, Maluan Bay New City and other areas, serving traffic, public security, meteorology, environmental protection and other scenarios, while doing "subtraction" for road facilities, it has also become the "nerve terminal" of the smart city. As of last year, Xiamen has built 1,500 smart light poles, and various functional services have been launched one after another.

Among the many functions of the smart light pole, the vehicle-road collaborative assisted automatic driving function is a highlight. At present, the lakeside reservoir section is implementing smart light poles as the carrier of vehicle-road coordination. In the later stage, relevant departments will set up points according to the actual site to reduce the probability of accidents, optimize the road network more continuously and effectively, and improve the efficiency of road use. At the same time, it can be used to assist self-driving vehicles to improve operating efficiency and safety.

Beijing realizes full coverage of detection points

[Highlights] Combined with the security video monitoring system of smart light poles, it can monitor traffic conditions in real time, which is convenient for parking management personnel to manage, so as to solve the problems of disordered parking and few parking spaces.

In recent years, Xihai Wetland Park in Xicheng District, Beijing has built smart light poles by applying technologies such as the Internet of Things and video recognition, integrating lighting, security monitoring, roadside billboards and other functions, providing municipal, transportation, security, environmental protection, etc. The new public service in the field not only facilitates the masses, improves the hydrophilic experience of the wetland park and the safety of tourists, but also forms a quiet and comfortable environment.

The 120 smart light poles installed in Xihai Wetland Park integrate the functions of smart security video surveillance, Wi-Fi, mobile phone charging, infrastructure monitoring, and smart terminal display, forming 1082 IoT monitoring points covering all corners of the park. With full wireless network coverage, citizens can enjoy free Wi-Fi when entering the park.

In the construction of Xihai Wetland Park, on the basis of ensuring the needs of 175 parking spaces for surrounding residents, the park combines the security video monitoring system on the smart light pole to monitor the static traffic and dynamic traffic conditions in the park in real time, and the parking lot in the non-parking area will be monitored in real time. The real-time positioning and warning of the vehicles are provided, which is convenient for the parking management personnel to manage and realize standardized parking, thereby solving the problem of disorderly parking in the park.

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