Full-Color LED Display has Become a New Trend in Subway Advertising!

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The development of a city is inseparable from fast traffic, which not only brings more convenience to travel, but also affects people's daily life unknowingly. The most obvious is the subway economy, also known as the "rail economy", which is like an "underground money dragon" that brings wealth wherever people place it. In the subway economy, what people like most is subway advertisements, which generally refer to various advertisements set up in the subway. Its main forms include twelve light boxes, four posters with channels, special light boxes, escalators, posters in the carriages, and full-color LED displays for advertising on the tunnel walls. The urban standard of modern subways lies in complete hardware facilities and population size. By adding human sensing devices, subway advertising displays can even change from one-way communication to two-way interaction between consumers and large LED screens, such as in the field of subway advertising.

Due to the development of the group economy, traditional forms such as posters and light boxes have become less and less able to meet the needs of subway advertising. On the other hand, the update and maintenance of subway posters and light boxes requires a lot of manpower and material resources, which is also a tricky thing for media and enterprises that need to publish advertisements. But advertising full-color LED display is particularly convenient. The advertising full-color LED display can play audio and video, display images and text, and at the same time play advertising pictures that need to be promoted.


In addition to adjusting its own display brightness, the advertising full-color LED display can also intelligently adjust the brightness and color according to the requirements of the subway advertising booth display, 0 seam splicing. Full-color LED is a better solution for subway advertising display. Lianchengfa Group can provide one-stop subway advertising LED display solutions for advertising media companies in major transportation hubs.

The advertising full-color LED display large screen adopts LED light source system, which can realize the ever-changing large-screen functions of single-screen display or multi-screen display according to the use requirements of subway advertisements: single-screen split-screen display, single-screen split-screen display, any combination display, Advertising full-color LED display vertical screen display, optional compensation or overlay frame, support for digital signal roaming, zooming and stretching, multi-screen display, setting and operation of various display schemes, real-time full HD signal. Advertising full-color LED display is now widely used in airports, railways, subways, highways and other transportation industries. It is also used in living places such as banks, airports, government agencies, shopping malls, exhibition halls, and sales halls of real estate directors.

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