How Should the Stage LED Display Be Built?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-27 13:40 Views: 379

In recent years, all kinds of event programs and stages will combine the popular technological elements, especially the LED display technology, which is one of the technological elements, is widely used in the field of stage choreography. In the design of stage lighting and stage beauty, a large number of new LED technologies are used to integrate AR, 5G real-time transmission, human-screen interaction, and new media interactive devices with the program, highlighting the dazzling and shocking effect of the stage.

Judging from the stage effects of evening parties in recent years, more and more stage screen scene applications are presented in fragmented matrix, supplemented by visual, lighting, mechanical and other means to achieve multiple effects. The construction of the LED display on the stage is gradually showing the characteristics of open and fragmented applications. The application of the LED display on the stage is not only a "background board" method, but is integrated into the creative concept of the entire program.

LED display products have created a variety of creative effects for the stage. For example, the application of LED special-shaped screens in stage choreography has increased, interactive floor screens have become standard on stage ground, and transparent screens and ice screens have shown virtual and real effects in stage art. All these bring strong competitiveness to the stage beauty. With the support of naked-eye 3D, AR virtual projection and other technologies, the designer of the LED display screen has more room to play in the design effect of the stage and stage beauty.


So what are the requirements for the construction of stage LED display:

1. The LED screen must have a high resolution, and the large LED screen of the stage background needs to be high-definition, bright, and high-contrast. At the same time, the display screen is natural and smooth, and it is easy to create an immersive space aesthetic.

2. To meet the needs of different stage environments, in fact, most of the stages are open-air, often exposed to various harsh weathers such as wind, rain, electricity, high temperature, low temperature, etc., which requires the stage LED large screen not only to have waterproof performance, It also has high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, dust resistance, etc.

3. The LED screen has relatively complete functions. The stage LED screen meets the hardware and software conditions for playing high-definition video, and can output various signals such as pictures, videos, text, and audio.

LCF stage LED display can achieve high-definition resolution with its large screen, thus becoming the main display solution for creating immersive scenes, and it is very popular in exhibition halls, exhibition halls and other scenes.