What are the Advantages of Spherical LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-31 11:37 Views: 812

The spherical LED display has only appeared in recent years, and its main purpose is to be able to view the content displayed on the screen in 360 degrees, and to display the viewing in all directions, thereby bringing a new visual experience. The principle of spherical LED display? What are the features and what related products are on the market now? The following is a small series to introduce to you:


It consists of a core control module, a rotary display module, a wireless module, a font library module, a motor drive module, and a power supply. The fan blade is designed to be round, and there is a circle of LED lamp beads on the fan blade. The light-emitting color of the LED is monochromatic or multi-color. LED, with the font software, when the fan blade goes to the corresponding position, the corresponding point is lit, so that the display content of a spherical surface can be controlled.

Due to aesthetic fatigue and the demand for innovative personalized display, the rotating ball LED display is just a unique and popular product. All the imperfections of using a flat video source to play on a 3D sphere will be tolerated, just as anamorphic photos taken with a wide-angle lens or a fisheye camera are accepted.

The resolution design of the spherical LED display is the same as that of the ordinary LED display, that is, it is related to the viewing distance of the LED screen. The editor of LCF recommends that if it is viewed from a distance of 2.5 meters, it is recommended to choose the model P2.5 or P2 model, 6 For the Mi exterior, it is recommended to choose P6 or P5. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, you can also choose a higher-definition P4 or even P3. If it is used for outdoor viewing within 10 meters, you can choose the P10 model. Of course, this is a relatively vague choice, and it is qualitative rather than quantitative, depending on the specific on-site installation environment, audience and budget.