How to Connect LED Display With Mobile Phone?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-11 14:07 Views: 1064

How to connect LED display with mobile phone

After the LED display screen is installed, it needs to be controlled by a computer to display the text and pictures on it. Many customers want to control the LED display screen through the mobile phone (Android, Apple) system to play the content in the mobile phone, and the content includes regular pictures. , video, etc., but I don't know how to connect, let's share with you how the LED display is connected to the mobile phone:

1. WIFI wireless control: The system uses the mobile terminal (mobile phone, IPAD) as the control terminal, and realizes the remote wireless control screen for the first time. Really abandon the traditional keyboard, mouse, software instead of hardware.

2. The connection that needs to be completed before the control device and the preparation for playing the file: First, connect the LED display screen and the LED video processor normally and debug it.

3. Connect the HDMI output of the controller to the LED video processor and make the corresponding settings; the wireless router enables the wireless network, and connects the mobile phone and the secret box to the same WIFI network at the same time.


How to connect the LED display to the wireless network

After the current advertising media is equipped with outdoor LED displays, businesses can play any advertisements they want, both static and dynamic. But if you want to play advertisements, you need to connect the player, and now the most common one is to use the computer to connect the LED display to play. Therefore, in order to make the user experience more perfect, LED display manufacturers have also introduced more networking methods.

In addition to the traditional wired connection, LED display manufacturers have also followed the trend of the times and upgraded a variety of wireless networking methods.

WIFI wireless control can be bridged with the user's original wireless network by installing a wireless router or other wireless devices, and build a wireless local area network, which can easily integrate the network control card into the wireless network for wireless network control. This method is now everyone's favorite method.

One end of the RF wireless control RF module is connected to the control computer, and the other end is connected to the serial port of the control card. After the driver is installed on the computer, a virtual serial port is generated, and data is sent through this serial port. The data transmission distance of this method can reach one kilometer, but it is mainly used in military applications. The civilian technology is not perfect, the transmission speed is low, and it is easy to be interfered. So it is not recommended to use.

4G/5G wireless control. Dial-up Internet access, connected to the data center server, the client accesses the server through the client software, and the server forwards the information. This method is also very simple to use, but the traffic problem must be taken into account. So only for special occasions.

Using these wireless network control, no wiring is required, installation and debugging are convenient, and data transmission speed is fast. Although there are many ways for LED display manufacturers to introduce options, users still have to make a reasonable layout according to the site conditions.