Liancheng Issued 100 Million Spot, Zero Down Payment, Zero Installment Payment

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2016-11-10 17:06 Views: 2045

  联诚发1亿现货 零首付零分期付款活动促销


The 100 million spot zero down payment is in the sprint stage at the end of the year, Liancheng issued a large amount of 100 million spot, and zero down payment, installment payment at the same time, to give customers the most real surprise. At the end of this year, what a surprise!


Delivery was delayed? Liancheng sent me to help you  


By the end of the year, many projects have very tight deadlines, and what should I do if they cannot be delivered in time? In order to practically solve the needs of customers, Lianchengfa invested another 100 million in stock to let the delayed delivery stand aside! Customers can inspect the goods on site, deliver them quickly, guarantee delivery, and no longer endure the torment of waiting. 100 million spot so easy, customers no longer have to worry about the delivery date!


Have doubts about prepayment in advance? Liancheng sent to help you


The zero down payment and installment payment continue to work hard, and it is impossible to stop! Customers do not need to pay in advance, inspect the goods first, pay the order later, don't worry about product quality issues, considerate and at ease! The purpose of zero down payment and installment payment is to no longer use prepayments to "kidnap God", and truly solve the worries of customers. Since its implementation, it has been repeatedly recognized by customers.


How to deal with diverse needs at once? Liancheng sent me to help you 


Lianchengfa has a complete range of display screens, constantly introducing new ones, involving small spacing, rental, indoor and outdoor advertising and other fields. Products with zero down payment mainly include outdoor rental screens: P4.81, P5.91, P8, P10; small Room rental screens (boxes: 500x500mm, 500x1000mm): P2.61, P3, P4, which not only condenses Lianchengfa’s technical strength, but also provides customers with more diversified choices.


100 million may be the total sales of a display company in a year or even a few years, but Lianchengfa has broken the curse in these years, and its profit rate is among the highest in the industry. "There are five words floating in the sky, that's nothing." !


100 million spot is ready, are you ready?