LED Door Head Screen, Say Goodbye to Monochrome, and Start a Colorful New Revolution!

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The LED door screen has strong dynamic and bright colors, which can attract attention. It is mainly used to release the latest advertising information. With the acceptance of LED screen as a new media, the price of LED door screen is also accepted by everyone. The standardization of LED accessories will greatly promote the popularization of LED screen.

The door head LED screen has developed from a monochrome font display to a full-color door head LED screen that can be freely switched between color text, pictures and videos. The display effect of the door has brought qualitative changes, and all walks of life have set off a color trend. From user-friendly restaurants to real estate projects; from leisure and entertainment KTV to strict government agencies; from tasteful home stores to fashionable mobile phone stores, colorful door LED screens are everywhere.

Of course, entertainment venues such as jewelry stores and KTVs are essential. The already high-end doors are adorned with full-color LED displays that are gorgeous and stylish. Hotels and hotels are equipped with color displays that are warm, dazzling, and the colors can create a warm home.

Internet cafes and mobile phone stores have changed their faces with color displays. After plastic surgery, the doors are colorful and dazzling, and guests naturally come in an endless stream! Of course, the bustling home store must have colorful doors to help it out to be more eye-catching. The colorful and shining products attract a large number of people to compete! Real estate developers that follow are scrambling to use color LED displays. Whether the name is ringing or not, you can see if the door is flashing! All walks of life are trending up, how can there be less expressway intersections, with colorful LED displays shining colorfully, becoming a beautiful scenery on the monotonous expressway.



The advertising agency installed color displays one after another, and the advertising effect was much better than the surrounding stores. The color trend is sweeping, and the long row of doors adorned with color displays is both atmospheric and stylish. Government departments are also keeping pace with the times, following the trend, and setting up colorful doors to make information updates more noticeable. Even hospitals, clinics and rescue stations are scrambling to light their doors with coloured displays, which eases the nervousness of patients going to the doctor.

For a long time, the monotonous doors of all walks of life have re-emerged infinite charm against the backdrop of pleasant and stylish full-color LED displays, attracting countless guests. Get together, say goodbye to monochrome, and start a colorful new revolution!

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