What are the Categories of LED Displays According to the Application?

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Classification by application

 According to different application places, LED display can be divided into indoor and outdoor.

Indoor screen

It is mainly used indoors. In the production process, the light-emitting crystal grains are first made into dot matrix modules (or digital tubes), and then the modules are spliced into a display unit board of a certain size. According to user requirements, the display unit board is used as the basic unit for splicing. into the size required by the user. According to the size of the pixel, the indoor screen is divided into φ3, φ3.75, φ5, φ8, φ10, etc.

outdoor screen

It is mainly used outdoors. In the production process, the first step is to encapsulate the light-emitting crystal grains into a single light-emitting diode, which is called a single lamp. The single lamp used to make the outdoor screen generally adopts a reflector with a concentrating effect to improve the brightness; Then a plurality of LED single lamps are packaged into a single pixel tube or pixel module, and the pixel tube or pixel module forms a dot-matrix display unit box. According to user needs and display applications, a display unit box is used as the The size required for the basic unit composition. The box should be sealed in design to achieve the purpose of waterproof and anti-fog, so that it can adapt to the outdoor environment. According to the density of pixels, the outdoor screen is divided into 4096 points, 2500 points, 2066 points, 1600 points, 1024 points and other specifications.


Sort by base color

According to the color of the LED used, the LED display can be divided into three types: single primary color, dual primary color and full color.

Single base color

Each pixel has only one color, most of which use red, because red has higher luminous efficiency and can obtain higher brightness, green can also be used, or mixed colors, that is, some use red, some use green, and some use yellow. .

Dual primary color

Each pixel has two primary colors of red and green, which can be superimposed into yellow. In the case of grayscale control, through the change of different grayscales of red and green, up to 65535 grayscale colors can be combined.

full color

Also known as three primary colors, each pixel has three primary colors of red, green and blue. Under the condition of grayscale control, through the change of different grayscales of red, green and blue, the colors of nature can be well restored, and a combination of 16,777 , 216 colors.

Classified by function

According to the function of the screen, the LED display screen can be divided into four types: strip screen, graphic screen, video screen and digital mixed screen.

Strip screen series

This type of display screen is mainly used to display text, which can be input by remote control, and can also be used online with a computer to send information through the computer. Can work offline. Because this type of screen is mostly made into a strip, it is called a strip screen.

Graphic screen series

This type of display is mainly used to display text and graphics, generally without grayscale control. It enters information by communicating with a computer. Compared with the bar screen, the advantage of the graphic screen is that the displayed fonts are rich and can display graphics. Compared with the video screen, the biggest advantage of the graphic screen is that one computer can control multiple screens and can be displayed offline. .

Hybrid screen series

Digital screen is the cheapest LED display, widely used in stock exchange stock market display, bank exchange rate, interest rate display, various price lists, etc. In most cases, a bar screen is installed on the digital screen to display greetings, announcements, advertisements, etc. Support remote control input.

Video series

This type of display screen has a one-to-one mapping relationship with the pixels of the control computer monitor, and has 256-level grayscale control, so its expressiveness is extremely rich. It is equipped with a multimedia card, and the video screen can also play video signals. The video screen has good openness, has no restrictions on the operating system, and has no restrictions on the software, and can reflect the display of the computer monitor in real time.

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