How to Deal With the Failure of Some Lights in the LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-08 10:44 Views: 689

What should I do if the LED display only lights up halfway? There is no way to start. In reality, there are many situations where there is no way to start. If we want to solve this cause, we must understand the specific reasons that cause half of the LED display to be off and half to be off, and then analyze and troubleshoot through reasonable steps, and then start from the Solve the problem at the source. The reasons that usually cause the LED display to be half-lit are as follows. The troubleshooting methods are as follows:

Loose lines: (1) First, check to see if the serial line used to connect the controller is abnormally loose or falls off. (If it turns black during the initial loading process, it is probably because the communication line is disconnected during the communication process, so the screen turns black. Check it first, but it is very important to solve the problem quickly. (2) Check and confirm whether the connection between the LED screen and the HUB distribution board connected with the main control card is tightly connected and whether it is inserted backwards.


Power supply issues: Make sure all hardware including the control system is powered up properly. Whether the power light is flashing, and whether the power supply is faulty, it is worth noting that this phenomenon is usually easy to occur when using a low-quality power supply.

LED unit board connection problem: (1) The longitudinal direction of several boards in a row does not light up, check whether the power supply of this column is normal. (2) Several consecutive boards do not light up in the horizontal direction, check whether the cable connection between the normal unit board and the abnormal unit board is connected; or whether the chip 245 is normal.

Software settings or lamp problems: If there is a clear boundary between the two, the software or settings are likely to cause problems; if there is a uniform transition between the two, it may be a lamp problem. The above are the reasons and solutions for the LED display screen that is half bright and half not bright, and the most likely causes are checked one by one to quickly locate. If it is due to hardware failure or the problem cannot be confirmed, please contact your service manufacturer for technical support.