With the rapid development of social and cultural industries,as well as people's aesthetic and watch level is continuous improvement,a single form of stage design and stage effects have been unable to meet people's needs.Based on this form of progress,many new technologies,new materials and new ideas have gradually become the constituent elements of modern digital stage design.Stage rental LED display with its colorful,to provide extension and supplement for the stage,rich performance and other features will be more and more favored by the stage.Modern society LED display is the perfect combination of technology and media,it will show the performance perfectly,and to become a new force.
  Compared with the traditional stage lights,the performance of stage LED display can be described as the most vivid,with a strong art.Not only can simulate the real scene,reproduce the natural,but also can show the effect of the image.It is very flexibility that the traditional scenery can not match,but also has the light source characteristic of light system.So that the majority of users from the image of the amount of information obtained,much larger than the traditional stage lighting to show the information.It creates a virtual picture is the perfect combination of light and shadow.
  We all know that more stage rental LED display used in the stage performances and television stations,so It always involved in live and shoot playback problems.If the design and selection is unreasonable,it will lead to our common phenomenon of water ripples,that we usually said Moore pattern.Once this problem plagued many of the LED display manufacturers,a lot of them in order to solve this problem,put forward a number of corresponding solutions.Like the launch of high-definition high-end PWM driver IC with the display,it is good for the majority of users to solve this problem.
  In the past ten decades,LED display equipment for the stage to provide a large space and cohesion,which is LED products by users of the important reasons,with the LED display brightness and dot pitch performance improvement,LED display Has become the core technology for LED technology in stage engineering.Making the LED screen in the outdoor large places and indoor places close to the application of access to a major breakthrough in the LED display in the entertainment market development,not limited to the stage party and other projects,but began to develop more entertainment new territories The Different application scenarios and different application methods can give LED stage rental screen brings new changes,LED display is also slowly appear in the modern wedding.LED display in the application of the wedding can not only make a wedding becomes warm and warm,but also to make the wedding even more high-end atmosphere.
  Now the LED rental display market has become more and more mature,with a small pitch between the mature technology and the cost of perennial reduction,and for small pitch rental,in any event scene,the minimum line of sight will be 3 to 5 meters.So the future development of LED rental display should be in two aspects:home appliances and easy maintenance.Home appliance operation will also be a key part of the LED rental display.Anyone should be able to operate,no need to professional and technical personnel;convenient maintenance,any damage can be free to change,is the inevitable direction of technological development.Only such a highly intelligent and convenient products will be popular with the custom.

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