In our life,all walks of life,people and things are the same,no contrast,no harm!Similarly,the LED display which used high-definition and high-order driver IC has contrast with general drive IC LED display:the LED display with bright and colorful images comparison the gray and not clear images formed a clear Compared.Diversity fatal injuries,I believe for the vast number of consumers are distressed.
  Now,many LED display manufacturers equipped with high-definition and high-order driver IC LED display,with an adjustable gray level,to show a wide variety of color gamut,make the screen has rich color and bright.
  It is old saying that the details will decide the success or failure,the lower-brightness display,the high-definition and high-order driver IC LED display will be clearer and more delicate,it will show rich details more easily.
  LED display High-definition and high-order PWM drive is generated by the gray-scale data and gray-scale clock display,the LED conduction time,the average dispersed into a few shorter conduction time,and maintain the gray scale accuracy.Easy to achieve greater or equal to 3840Hz refresh rate,take pictures without water ripples,and can be very effective to reduce the controller to send a gray-scale clock to improve the visual update rate,thereby further reducing the screen flicker.Through a low gray consistency,gradient high contrast,high contrast coupling,cross-board color,text ghosting and other functions to achieve a low gray-scale processing of an effect,reflecting a stronger picture texture.
  In Shenzhen LCF,P3 and the following LED display products,high-density series,standard series,indoor S series and A series have been upgraded to high-definition and high-order driver IC.The product good or bad is not saying by us,our customers will compare it to know.

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