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Worthwhile Trip,LED Displays Manufacturer LCF In ISA Sign Expo Ending!

2017-10-24 17:37:18

On 20-22 April 2017,ISA Sign Expo,one of the world's most industry-leading signage and advertising industry exhibitions,was held at the Mandela Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas,The exhibition attracted 600 exhibitors from around the world,the scale is about 30,000 square meters,are on display all the world's newest identification technology and products.The founder Long Pingfang and chairman Huang Qingfeng of LCF(stock code:837293)bring a variety of high-end products debut this event,look at the scene together!

Show the scene,LCF is create a number of LED display,including P1.5625 andP2.5 indoor high-definition display,P3.91 indoor arc screen,P4.81 outdoor rental screen,P10 SMD outdoor display,Involving a wide range,whether it is appearance or quality can adapt to different places of application requirements.


LCF LED display with seamless stitching,low stitching cost can quickly and efficiently spell into 4:3 or 16:9 high-definition screen.Support pre-installation and pre-maintenance,modules,power,system and power distribution can be front or rear maintenance.Modules can also be front installed.In ensuring the flatness,to adapt to all types of space limited use of the environment.

The outstanding effects of display attracted many exhibitors have stopped to asking,booth(226)site busy and not chaos...... 


The chairman Huang Qingfeng in being a instructors,to interpretation the LED display various applications. 

Good product is the guarantee of harvest orders,at the scene,many exhibitors spoke highly of our company's products,in addition to some of the on-site confirmation of the affirmative,LCF also has a group of customers intention,I believe we can bring each other surprise!
The founder Long Pingfang say:"In the exhibition hall,in addition to promotion products,we are also learn from each other product performance,to find the lack.Market never wait for anyone,We can see the the whole industry improvement,we can’t stoop our feet when we get praise,research and development more quality products and supporting the corresponding market services and more professional display system solutions,which in no relax!"

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