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Wonderful non-stop, LCF newly LED displays will soon land Mexico advertising exhibition

2018-04-26 11:28:10

Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and a member of the North American Free Trade Area. Compared with developed countries, Latin American countries benefit from an ever-expanding domestic market, appropriate macroeconomic policies, and increasingly close ties with emerging Asian economies. As a result, the economic situation in Latin America is more optimistic than in developed countries. 

Expopublicitas is the largest advertising signage event in Latin America, which is also an important platform for Chinese LED companies to expand into Mexico and even the whole Latin American market. 2018 Expopublicitas will be held at the Mexico City Convention and Exhibition Center from 23rd to 25th, May. At that time, LCF Group (stock code: 837293) along with its Mexico agents will bring a variety of international high-end display products to the show. Excellent quality, refresh the horizon!

Exhibition time: May 23-25, 2018.
Add: Mexico City convention center.
Booth no. : 530

Although LCF has already established a solid agency relationship in Mexico and the products have a certain market in the local area, it is the first time that LCF show up in the local advertising exhibition along with its Mexico agents. Considering the local market conditions, LCF adjusted its exhibits after communicating with Mexican agencies. We believe that it would be a perfect collision between precision craftsmanship and ultra-fine image quality, which is definitely enough to challenge your optic nerve.
The exhibits preview:
P2.5 mirror led screen:


1. Thin screen body, fashionable and novel;
2. Easy to operate, plug and play;
3. Support for asynchronous and synchronous broadcasting;
4. Provide mobile terminal control software and quickly change the broadcast program.

Thin and light body, fashionable appearance, flexible and changeable installation methods, rich and colorful colors, and stronger visual impact. It is the best choice for advertising display equipment in shopping centers, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury goods stores, reception halls, chain stores and other places.

P2.604 rental led display:


 1. Intelligent display of temperature, time and other parameters;

2. Using data splitting, the refresh rate is doubled;

3. Support screen rotation at any angle;

4. The heat does not conduct to each other and the heat dissipation performance is excellent;

5. Power back cover integrated design, replacement takes only one minute.


This newly designed display is an upstart in the rental industry. The rear cover is buckled to enable quick disassembly. With the 4-mm-high protection designs on the bottom of the cabinet can effectively avoid the lamp damage during delivery. The module supports front and rear maintenance. Solve the fault easily; refresh rate up to 3840Hz, high definition, no shadow no flicker; no cable design, safe and beautiful.

P4.81 rental led display:


  1. Cabinet processed by CNC, accurate to 0.1mm;

2. Unique mask design, dust and waterproof rating up to IP65;

3. The back cover design adopts buckle method, quick installation and disassembly;

4. Reliable - high hardness, good heat dissipation;

5. Maintenance before and after the module, easy to lift the fault;

6. High grayscale high refresh design, refresh rate≥3840Hz.


As a superstar in the rental screen industry, LCF P4.81 led display is beautiful in appearance, easy to install, and extremely stable. No flicker and no dead spots; it has a large viewing angle of 140°and the side view is still clear; dual signal backups guarantee the use of large-scale rental applications. Therefore, it is widely used in wedding stage, stadiums, multi-functional exhibition halls, municipal squares and other places. It can even be said that where there is excitement, there is its presence.


P4.81 interactive floor led display:

1. Anti-scratch, anti-collision, anti-smashing;
2. High pressure resistance, high load-bearing capacity, up to 1.5T per square meter;
3. Easy to install, support freehand installation or rail mounting;
4. People interact with screens to enhance live entertainment.
LCF interactive floor led display is not only the "daring" of large-scale stage, but also an important tool for attracting eyes in auto show and large square. In practical projects, the dancing floor led displays are combined with large LED screens or lights to create a simple and cool stage atmosphere, and to match the performer's body movements and movement trajectories to show the corresponding content in the form of dancing and to increase the visibility of the dance. Make the show more "black technology" and give the audience an immersive visual experience.

More surprises will be announced one by one at the exhibition. Welcome to visit our booth and have a fun with us. LCF is waiting for your coming.

About LCF: LCF—the outstanding enterprise of Shenzhen Xinsanban innovation layer, the global LED display solution service provider, the World Cup, the European Cup and other top event partners, based in Shenzhen, serves the world.

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