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To Open Up A New Journey, LCF 2017 Peru International Advertising Exhibition

2017-08-22 10:20:36

Lima is the capital of Peru,with a population of 8 million,accounting for a quarter of the country's total population.It is the national political,economic,cultural and transportation center in Peru and enjoys a high reputation in South America.The Peru international advertising exhibition----GRAFINCA is one of the major advertising,manufacturing and printing industries in the South Pacific. It is also the largest advertising exhibition in Peru. GRAFINCA is defined as a grand pageant of the industry. It is not only a sales and trade show,but also a great occasion for people in the same industry to interact with each other.

Peru International

In recent years,the overall economy of Lima has developed rapidly.It has not only made the domestic tourism industry and the catering industry developed,but also attracted the international events and conferences held in Peru. The development of these industries and the holding of the events and conferences have brought infinite business opportunities to advertising and printing industry.It is reported that the Peru International Advertising Exhibition--GRAFINCA has been successfully held 15 sessions,its influence is gradually strengthened,only in 2016,there are more than 200 exhibitors,attracted more than 20,000 professional visitors successfully.

From the overall LED industry,there are few LED display companies that have established trade relations with South America now.Ability is always proportional to advantage.With reliable quality,good service and honest working style,the LED display of LCF(Stock Code:837293)has successfully rooted in Brazil and Argentina in South America market.Good feedback is a sharp sword for LCF to enter the South American market,the GRAFINCA is also an important measure for LCF’s LED display to capture Peru,as the prospect of the large and rapid development of Lima’s LED market is promising.In order to show LCF in this GRAFINCA pageant in Lima,LCF overseas marketing department according to the current development status of Lima,made a full assessment of Lima LED display market demand proportion,finally decided to P3.91 and P4.81 as the main screen rental.And LCF also decided to try to Lima advertising media,entertainment,stage performances and other fields,open a new chapter in Lima’s LED.

P3.91LED Full Color Display

LCF  LED  P3.91

LCF P3.91 is a full color display,with low light gray and fine details,the image is gorgeous and vivid.It use Integrated design,intelligent modules,support for multiple languages,playback formats,and enhance the efficiency of product maintenance. LCF P3.91 Adopts energy saving technology,the energy consumption is far less than the traditional display screen,and the energy utilization rate is greatly improved,and it can fully conform to the Lima market.

P4.81High quality SMD LED Display

LCF  LED  P4.81

LCF P4.81 display,with beautiful appearance,easy installation,excellent stability,and don’t shake the screen,no any dead angle.It has a 140 degrees large angle,so the side view is still clear.Using double backup signal to ensure the application of large rental foolproof.High quality SMD technology ensures that the image is clear,soft,steady and smooth,and it can effectively alleviate the visual fatigue after a long time watching.From nothing to come,from there to excellent,on the overseas expansion road,LCF never stopped the exploring pace.The trip to Peru is about to set sail.Here,welcome new and old customers to visit the booth and create a prosperous future.

Booth number: D423

Exhibition address:Peru,Lima

Exhibition date:September 28,2017 to October 1,2017

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