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The Market Analysis Of LED Display Manufacturer Screen In China

2017-09-26 10:04:27

We all know LED Display industry in China started in the early 1990s. And it developed rapidly and steadily all the time. Since entering the 21st century, it made growth of 10-25% every year.The LED technology basis and level in china are relatively advanced. Major products and key technology maintained the same level with advanced level of the same industry in the whole world. But the technique is relatively backward. In terms of products standard, whole system design, reliability, manufacturing, testing measure, etc. we still have a long way to go to catch up with other countries.

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Continuous improvement of LED devices and attribution and electronic technology provide a good foundation for deepening and improving technology. Meanwhile, LED such as Led display,Led manufacturer,Electronic signs are widely used in the whole society, What’s more, the development of semi-conductor illumination brings a good opportunity for LED’s development. So LED has a good marketing prospect. Deepening technology, enriching product system, diversifying products, showing advantages of leading products are important trends of the development of LED display industry.

Publicizing and promoting relevant standards will promote the standardization of the development of LED. In conventional LED products, standardized display instruments and control system will be adopted more widely. Integrated LED display products will take up the dominant position in the industry. Professional division of work of standardized LED’s production and market technology service will become more obvious.

In professional application area, professional level of LED will be always improved in order to meet the application needs. Specialized products combined with application needs will form new LED product and areas, such as large LED display for city lighting, LED in sports stadium, LED Screen in transportation, etc.

With the development of technology and market, China’s LED display industry will be gradually improved in adjustment. It will also have reasonable division of work and form new industry pattern. In industry chain, the formation of leading enterprises which manufacture LED instruments and display products will decide the work of related enterprises again and reflect professional division of work and cooperation. Maybe at the beginning of semi-conductor illumination industry, the definition of professional division of work and cooperation among LED instrument manufacturers and display products manufacturers is obscure. But with the expansion in the market and maturity of technology, they will become clearer.

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Within the industry of LED display, enterprise groups will be classified properly. Technology development-oriented enterprises which give priority to control system technology research; production-oriented enterprises with large scale and standard production; special application-oriented enterprises to meet the needs of special market, etc. will be gradually formed.

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