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Stage Rental LED Display

2020-04-25 10:26:39

Stage rental LED display solution features


• Mainly used in high-end entertainment venues, theme parks, bars, discos, auditoriums, grand theaters, large-scale concerts, music tour, road show, fashion shows, digital stage of film and television studios, and other places.

• The main application is the stage background. It is a multimedia LED display system that can present virtual scenes and color effects. It is the most important and effective element of artistic charm.


1. Lossless gray scale brightness adjustment, with adjustment technology, great color expression;

2. High contrast ratio, uniform color, high resolution, clear and sharp images, can meet the requirements of live broadcast;

3. Ultra-high refresh rate, flicker free when camera shooting, present perfect effect.

4. Not only easy to install and disassemble, but also has advantage of cost-saving, suitable for large-area stage background.

5. With professional audio and video processing system, support live broadcast. With large and clear live video, it breaks the seat restrictions, making it easier to watch performances from a distance, giving people an immersive audio-visual feast. Such as highlights, slow-motion playback, close-ups, and the creation of a special background environment.

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