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Stadium Sports LED Display

2020-04-25 10:32:17

Stadium LED display solution

According to function and use application, sports LED display can be divided into score LED screen, perimeter LED screen, advertising LED display and etc. 

In arenas, sports halls and stadiums, LED perimeter displays have become vital when it comes to broadcasting sponsors' and advertisers' ads'. 

For both teams and communities, perimeter displays offer new revenue opportunities through the sale of advertising space during games.


Mainly used in stadiums such as football stadiums, basketball courts, and swimming pools.


Indoor or outdoor stadium perimeter applications

High impact resistant cabinets

Soft, replaceable impact-resistant mask protect LED’s and will not injure players in the event of a collision

Rugged protectors for the top of the cabinet to protect players from injury

Glare reduction, high contrast

Back bracket allows for angle adjustment and which can be adjusted for different viewing angles for live audience and broadcasting

Light duty aluminum, super light 33kg per cabinet

Robust circuitry for harsh environments

Easy installation Quick-Connect

Solution Diagram:

Relative Product:

Perimeter LED Displays with Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet: P8, P10

Perimeter LED Displays with traditional Aluminum/Steel Cabinet: P6, P8, P10

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