Small Pitch Indoor LED Display High-Definition LED Panel

High-density small pitch P1.5 indoor high refresh led screen,High contrast and high refresh rate make the LED display work well without any delay or ghosting.
Small Pitch Indoor LED Display High-Definition LED Panel Small Pitch Indoor LED Display High-Definition LED Panel Small Pitch Indoor LED Display High-Definition LED Panel
  • original region :

    Shenzhen China
  • Module size : 

  • Brightness : 

    up to 1000cd/㎡
  • Certfication : 

    CE, RoHS
  • Application : 

    Stage Event/Concert Event/Fashion Show
  • LED chip : 

  • Working voltage : 

  • Operation temperature : 

    -20 ℃~ +65 ℃
  • Weight/cabinet : 

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  • product description
Features of small pitch P1.5 rental indoor LED display :

1、High color saturation, high contrast for good image display.
2、Excellent heat dissipation, cable-free design, use gold-plated connectors, product is very safe and reliable
3、System for rental applications,The cabinet is lightweight,thin and fast to assemble and disassemble.
4、The module can maintian not only in front, but also at the back, easy to solve the fault. Modular design, quickly to replace the power receiving card.
Small Pitch Indoor LED Display


          Pixel Pitch 
          LED Package
          Pixel Density 
409,600 dots/㎡
          Color Configuration
Up to 1000cd/㎡ @ white color
          Refresh Rate
Up to 1920Hz/s, could be adjusted
          Gray Scale
16.7M color (Synchronized)
          View Angle
H:140°, V:120°
          Module Size
          Cabinet Size
          Cabinet Material
Die-casting Aluminum
          Viewing Distance
          Drive Mode
1/32 scan
          Power Supply AC220V/110V/50 Hz, or manual switch
          Lifespan 100,000 hours
          Trouble Free Time 10,000 hours
          Working Temperature -20°C + 65°C
          Environment Humidity 10% ~ 95%
          Control System


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