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Slim P4.81mm Aluminum LED Display For Outdoor DJ,Concerts Stage LED Display

2017-10-24 17:00:42

You know, not all display is suit for DJ,Concerts stage background,but among main LED display cabinet,P4.81,P5.95 rental LED display stands out with its slim and light weight aluminum LED display cabinet,unit led wall panel of 500mmx500mm, 500mmx1000mm for optional,can be more flexible to make any customized big stage LED display as you plan.

Besides,once you select the series LED video display, hanging bar,truss construction would be offer if you have to buy to set up the stage background led wall,and control with video processor,make picture,video and photos display more clear and beautiful,bring you amazing full color display stage effects. 

So if you are looking for the LED screen display for DJ,Music Concerts,P4.81 is your first choice of it’s high quality and affordable price. Please feel free to contact me. You can call +86 139 2461 2286 or send me an email via and get the price from the best display partner.

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