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Lianshunda Technologies Inc-A Subdiary Company of LCF,Opened Grandly

2017-12-28 14:42:40

Lianshunda Technologies Inc-A Subdiary Company of LCF,Opened Grandly

Selected Reading: LCF is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in three major products, including LED full-color HD display, LED green lighting and LED energy-saving lighting. In recent years, LCF has maintained a high growth rate, and its products have already covered most cities and regions in China and abroad. LCF's subsidiary company enters into Anshun is an important step in the strategic layout of the company, which marks the new stage of the development of LCF.  

 After the heavy snow festival, the midwinter officially began, and the atmosphere of winter is very strong. However, spring comes after winter and this natural law never change, many beautiful things are happening in this period. On the morning of December 13, 2017, Shenzhen LCF Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 837293), opened a subsidiary company named Anshun Lianshida Technology Co., Ltd grandly. There were many guests gathered and were pretty bustling and jollying there due to the jubilant fireworks and lion-dance.  

  Wang qiyun-Deputy District Mayor of Xixiu District, Anshun City; Shi wenyong-Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the District Committee; Chen hong- Vice Chairman of Xixiu District; Ms Bai yuyu, Secretary-general of China Semiconductor Lighting/LED Lndustry and Application Alliance; Shen jiagate-Deputy Secretary-general of the China Optical Electronics Industry Association; Shi Weili-President of the Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association; Bowen Chung-Secretary General of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Association; Wang Huixing- Chief Director of Anxin Securities Guangzhou Branch, Li Erpeng-Deputy General Manager of Hualong Securities Shenzhen Investment Banking Department; Sun Zhijun-Partner of Asia-Pacific (Group) Accounting Firm; Zhang xiaowei-Partner of the Law Firm; Ceng Yongjie-Official Head of the Beijing mahogany Museum; Gao Hong-Chairman of Shenzhen's First Road Network Polytron Technologies Inc; Chen xiaolin-General Manager of the World Lighting Times; Teng Zehuan-General Manager of HC LED Screen Network; Li Taotao-Chairman of the Shenzhen City of Xiong Tong Supply Chain; Management Limited by Share Ltd; Zhao Jianfeng, a Senior Channel Builder in the Industry; Small spacing leader Zhang Zhe and LCF’s many customers and friends, as well as 200 employees of LCF gathered together to witness this historic moment.


 Excellent performance, created a good atmosphere, and foreshadowed a promising future of the enterprise.

 Correct and beautiful pronunced Chinese, plus wonderful dance, Wuzhou-Rock-Band connected friends all over the world together, which likes a burning fire in winter.

During the period,  Ms. Shi, Ms. Long pingfang, Ms. Guan baiyu- Secretary General Bao, and Wang Huixing-Business Director of the  Guangzhou Branch of Anxin Seurities, delivered speeches respectively. In the speech, Ms. Long Pingfang expressed a warm welcome to the distinguished guests, LED industry elites and the media friends who came from far away. At the same time, she thanked the municipal government, the district government and the leaders of all levels of the park. Guests also expressed the affirmation of the development of LCF and the blessing of Lianshunda. 

 LCF’s founder Mrs. longpingfang, and Deputy District Chief- Wang qiyun had dotted the lion's eye together and gave the red envelopes to the two auspicious animals.  "Eyeball" and "Gold"are homophonic words in Chinese, dotting the lion's eye heralds a new thriving business for the new company.

The most eagely awaited of the opening ceremony is the channel signing mode,which means sign a contract on the scene will return cash back! What a lucrative activity, the contract amount is up to 15 million yuan that day. Later, believe Lian shunda will bring us more surprises!


 At present, Lianshunda has been successfully put into operation. The monthly production capacity of the company ups to 500000 LED module, which will be able to achieve a good complement with LCF Shenzhen headquarters. In the next 3 to 5 years, LCF will hatch Lianshunda this brand, to create one of the Anshun’s  hundred-year-old enterprises. 

 A centennial business begins now. LCF will continue adhering to the principles of being responsible for employees, customers, society and shareholders. LCF will harbor the dream, down to earth, work hard to become a model of the industry, for the realization of the "global LED application solution provider" unremitting effort. New journey, drawing a prosperous future blueprint! >

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