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LED King's Summer Event----28th Malaysia International Sing&LED Exhibition

2017-10-24 16:59:48

The Fiery July comes as expected, the long-awaited Malaysia International Sign & LED Exhibition is also staged. As the annual event of Malaysia, the scene is overwhelmed. LED King, who’s LCF’s exclusive agent, brings a visual feast to the show.


As LCF(stock no.:837293) LED Display’s exclusive agent in Malaysia, LEDKING prepared a monochrome LED screen,dual color LED display, indoor and outdoor full color LED display in the show. Different LED pitch and price can meet different application purpose, thus the booth graded so much attention, attracting many media and exhibition visitors. 


This exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, will continue from July 13 to July 16, hosted by the Malaysian Chain of Association.This is a show about retail, franchise and authorized business. During the exhibition, there will be stage performances, business matching activities, promotional offers, product demonstrations, etc. According to incomplete statistics, only in the year of 2016, this exhibition attracted more than 250 companies from Asia and more than 30,000 local visitors.

Success always favors the prepared minds. These two days, good news come frequently from the exhibition. Obviously, this exhibition will not only be played an excellent role in promoting for LED King company,  but also lay a solid foundation to open up a new area in the market of Malaysia for LCF LED display products. At present, the show is hot in progress. In the next two days, I believe that LED King can give us more surprises.


In the trace of growth and bloom, there is hardship, difficulty, but more moving. Thanks for all agents and customers, who highly recognized LCF’s products and brand. In the future, Shenzhen LCF Technology Co., Ltd will continue to join hands with the majority of agents, looking for a win-win situation based on integrity in the global market. 

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