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LED Display Enterprise LCF In Egypt Continue Being Wonderful

2017-07-20 14:10:12

The 9th Egyptian International Printing and Packaging Exhibition,hosted by CPI(Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce),was held at the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 27-29.Egypt Printing Association was established in 2006,under the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Commerce.Sponsored by the Egyptian Printing Association in Saudi Arabia,Israel,Lebanon,Syria,Sudan,Libya,Tunisia,Algeria,Morocco,Chad,Ethiopia,the twelve countries of the large Arab printing alliance.
  From the middle of North America to the eastern part of North Africa,from Las Vegas to Cairo,the joint business unit once again prestigious forward,will bring a variety of cost-effective LED screen products rush to the next Cairo exhibition.

  It is reported that the Egyptian Printing and Packaging Industry Association registered 12,000 business members,employing more than 200,000,so the scale of the Association is rare,after several years of development,its influence seems to have been extended to the global scope.Traditional printing equipment such as inkjet printers,advertising creative production system began to be a new technical impact,LED display product penetration is getting higher and higher.It is worth mentioning that Egypt and the Middle East and Africa have a free trade agreement,into the Egyptian market,the product can be covered to the surrounding Middle East and Africa market.Obviously,the Egyptian International Printing and Packaging Exhibition is a joint venture to open a necessary way of huge Middle East and Africa LED display market.

  As the domestic LED display industry brand enterprises,"quality"is the joint venture enterprise team members of the work of the guidelines,and perseverance throughout the work,from raw material procurement to production,installation,testing and every step detail of the implementation of strict quality control.The cost of the product in the Egyptian show to win a good reputation,and the trust of the product is the golden key to open the market,all the samples on the show will for all customers to book in cash.

  In the exhibitors,we have p3,p4,p5,p10 models with seamless splice,low cost,can easily achieve the resolution on 1920*1080,3840*2160 and 7680*4320 standard video ratio,in the specified signal Source and set the scene under the dual conditions,the display highly flexible match,support for pre-installation and pre-maintenance,modules,power,system and power distribution can be fully before/after maintenance.Modules can also be installed before,in ensuring the flatness at the same time,to adapt to all types of space limited use of the environment.
  In the exhibition site,in order to bring you a more perfect product service experience,LCF bring a comprehensive variety of display application solutions,interpretation of LED display different application scenarios.The perfect presentation of the show,for LCF in Egypt and Middle East market to produce a perfect answer,one screen,one world,LCF with honor go ahead,in the global LED market to show more exciting.

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