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LED Dance Floor

2018-12-11 15:02:48

LED Dance Floor Solution:


Floor LED display widely used in hall ,square, showroom, stage, bar, shopping malls, catwalks. It can be used for fixed installation and rental events.


1. With the integration of internal structure and strengthened structural design, its safety bearing capacity can reach up to 2000kg/m2. It is safe enough to be used as a dance floor. 

2. Equipped with radar sensor, and with interactive flash materials, it could be used as the interactive dance floor or other interactive led screens. 

3. 4000 CD/m2 as brightness makes picture more realistic and clearer.Mainly used in indoor and outdoor, and is suitable for fixed installation and rental use

4. Acrylic cover surface or Nano coating cover surface is available. Excellent anti-scratch and anti-wear performance.

Solution Diagram:

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