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LCF To Cope With The Small LED Display Distance Market Demand

2017-10-11 14:42:41

With the pursuit of display effect,the LED display is developing towards high-definition and high-density.In order to achieve better viewing effects,people want to display the LED screen from simple full-color to realistic,restore color authenticity,and also to achieve a clear image display on a smaller LED screen.The small spacing LED display emerges as the times require.

And the traditional LED display is different,small spacing of LED as a high density display,with constant spacing tends to be small,the number of beads per square metre required will increase dramatically,light density becomes more and more high,the serious test of its reliability is also presented.

Small space products have higher access threshold,more stringent requirements for packaging technology,especially packaging materials and packaging technology.From the LED small spacing market demand,in 2017,the small distance LED display market growth of more than 60%,the overall sustained supply and demand are booming.

small spacing screen market expansion to promote the overall demand for LED,LED packaging products market demand,along with growth,to some extent,led the entire LED package warmer.Specifically,the small pitch LED display market maturity not only promote the upstream LED chip enterprises constantly achieve technological upgrading,promote the middle LED packaging business expansion and income,but also to promote the number of main small pitch LED display products business success.

As far as the foreign market is concerned,the small spacing LED shows that it is still in the initial stage of development:the market application level is limited,compared with the competitive technology products,the market is relatively low.As far as the domestic market is concerned,the LED screen with small spacing is only at the peak stage of"initial Popularization".In other words,the market has achieved remarkable results,with a huge increase and the market share continues to rise.However,the stock market is limited,the future development of space is huge.This is the basic market for small spacing LED industry".

"New"is the core feature of this market,more specifically,"new technologies,new products,new enterprises"".Chinese has become a global LED packaging manufacturers compete in the market,the international manufacturers are accelerating to snatch a piece of cake;and Chinese excellent local manufacturers to maintain high-speed development trend,with the whole and accelerate the speed of industrial concentration will gradually improve;as for Taiwan manufacturers are being squeezed Chinese manufacturers,the market share gradually decline,how to enhance the competitiveness of products is an urgent need to solve the problem.

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