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  With thirteen years'accumulation,LCF forged a team of elites with professional skills,initiatives,courage for innovation and strong capacity of execution,which brings to the company constant new ideas and steady development and expansion

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  The company has been exercising the technical discipline of sparing no effort in tackling key problems,sharing with sincerity and pursuing technique spirit.Focusing on independent technical research and development and scientific modern administration methods,the company has attracted various talents such as Indian-English PH.D.,high-level talents certified by Shenzhen Municipality,master's degree holders and bachelor's degree holders,constituting the administration and technical R&D team that is equipped with higher education background and technical experience,supervised by professional managers and led by experienced experts.Their tacit cooperation in product development,marketing and maintenance demonstrates in great depth the work guideline of"taking products as lifeline and customers as core".They apply the notion of"servicing"thoroughly to each detail of corporate operation and administration,which earned customers'trust and support widely.

  The company professional LED Display Factory is by now in possession of over 70 patented items,20%of which are patented inventions,including two items of PCT international patented technology.

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