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LCF Sincerely Invites You To Experience The Bellwether Pageant Of LED Industry

2017-09-15 16:06:56

The Shanghai international LED exhibition is the largest LED exhibition in China.It is also the world's first exhibition dedicated to the field of LED,and is widely recognized as a"bellwether"for the development of LED industry.As one of the world's leading manufacturers of LED display and application solutions,liancheng technology co.,LTD.will bring a number of medium and high-end products debut on this exhibition.Welcome you come to discuss and communicate with us,and experience the visual feast brought by the LED display.
Small Pitch LED Display
Booth number:E2-C36
Date:September 20,2017-September 22nd
Address:No.2345,Longyang Road,Pudong New International Expo Center,Shanghai

In such a information-sharing and screen enterprises gathered place,in order to allow exhibitors to experience a memorable visual feast.This time LCF will focus on three LED display screens,including small pitch P2.5,rental screen P4.81,and stadium screen P10,as the star products of our company.These products almost be used in all places,and considering of their appearance,performance and price,each can bring a pleasant surprise to the vigorous and highly competitive exhibition.

small pitch P2.5  

Small pitch p2.5 has a refresh rate up to 3840Hz,and with the non-linear correction technology,the screen is still clear even at a relatively close distance.Adding the light sensor device,small pitch p2.5 can be self-adapted according to the environment,if you watch the screen from the side profile,you will find its brightness is uniform.This p2.5 has no separation and black line,its screen can truly fulfill seamless stitching.The vertical and horizontal directions of the small pitch p2.5 has a 140-degree viewing angle,so its multi-directional viewing effect is always the same.

rental screen P4.81 

Indoor Rental LED Display

The rental screen adopts high quality SMD technology and unique black-lamp design,which ensures that the image is clear and soft,stable and smooth,it can effectively alleviate the visual fatigue after a long-time watching.This screen has a beautiful appearance,and its davantages including convenient installation,excellent stability,do not shaking the screen,and has no any dead point.

stadium screen P10 

The stadium screen p10 adopts a new mask design,with IP65 class and above high performance waterproof and dustproof ability,it can fulfill all-weather dispay and adapt to any outdoor harsh environment.Each module is loaded with LCF’s unique CPU and storage card,which can be used to store brightness and color correction data.The signal,power supply and system of the stadium screen P10 are stable,so it is safe,reliable,and with small attenuation when using.

More colorful elements,more unique atmosphere of light feast,all are in the Shanghai international LED exhibition!At the exhibition site,LCF will continue to provide high-quality products and quality services to customers at home and abroad.We sincerely invite new and old customers to come and join us.

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